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How to Make Your Popcorn Taste and Smell Like Movie Theater Popcorn

Do you want to know how movie theaters make that familiar popcorn aroma that everyone loves?

If so, you're come to the right place... Here are the 5 secrets that you need to know to make popcorn that tastes and smells delicious.

  1. Use the Right Oil
    One of the first steps to amazing popcorn is picking the correct oil. There are many different types of oils to choose from but we recommend that to get the movie popcorn taste and smell you should use coconut oil.

    Coconut oil is the oil that has proven itself in theaters for years. It is the oil that theaters have used and are still using to this day. When you walk into the movies, there is a good chance this is the first thing that you smell.
  2. Tasty Topping
    What would movie theater popcorn be without butter? This is the quintessential delicious way to top any batch of movie theaters popcorn.

    Many amature home popcorn makers try to melt off the shelf butter. This may seem like a good idea but in practice it does not provide enough buttery-goodness to do the job. If you want to cook large batches of popcorn we recommend you try as product such as Gold Medal Buttery Topping. This will provide all the great buttery taste that you're looking for.

    A nice touch is a topping dispenser next to your popcorn machine. This also gives you the ability to let customers put as much or little butter as they like on their popcorn. 
  3. Pro Tip - Not all Salt is Created Equal
    The salty taste is one of the keys to making movie theater style popcorn. The secret to salt is that movie theaters don't use every day salt that you would find at home or in the super market. Instead they use a high quality flavored salt. One of the most popular types of flavored salt is Flavacol.

    Flavored salt truly is one of the best kept secrets in the popcorn industry. 
  4. Get the Temp Right From the Start
    Making popcorn in a hot kettle is an important and often overlooked step to amazing popcorn. To get your kettle to the correct temperature make sure to always preheat your machine with oil in the kettle.
    What this does is allow the oil and kettle to fully heat up before the kernels are added. Once you drop in the popcorn you'll start popin' right away!
  5. Make it fresh
    Last but not least is to always serve your popcorn hot and fresh. 83% of popcorn makers has said this is the most important element of making great tasting popcorn. When the first bite of popcorn is salty, buttery and hot you've hit all of the key senses will excite your customers. 

    Keep is fresh and keep them coming back for more!